Electronic laboratory notebook software shootout

Electronic laboratory notebook, labbook, logbook… whatever you want to call it, there are many different packages available for keeping track of your work in the lab. Why is Academic Labbook Plugin (ALP for short) different? This post attempts to present the current state of affairs in the world of academic labbook software, and to compare the main features and differences between them.

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Introducing Academic Labbook Plugin

Welcome! Academic Labbook Plugin (ALP) is a WordPress plugin which transforms the blogging platform into an online labbook for research. It originally started as a collection of separate plugins, but given the disparate nature of plugins – often being abandoned or sparsely updated – the idea to merge these together and improve them into a single offering was born.

ALP is currently under development and testing and will be released on WordPress.org in the coming months.

Please see the Documentation page to get started.