Intended workflow


ALP can be used in any way you like, but it is designed with a particular workflow in mind.

Posts vs pages: timely content vs static or slowly changing content

Lab work usually involves making frequent updates to share ongoing work. These should be made as posts. The default chronological order that WordPress applies to posts is useful here, with the most recent updates appearing on the top of the front page.

On the other hand, it is often useful to list static or slowly changing information in subject order so that it can be quickly looked up. These should be pages. ALP provides some wiki-like features for pages which are not available to posts.

ALP does not allow pages to be assigned categories, tags or coauthors. If the Alpine theme is used, the page author is also hidden (although WordPress requires pages to have authors internally, so in this case the author is set to the user that originally created the page).

In vanilla WordPress, pages are hierarchical, and ALP maintains this attribute. If the Alpine theme is used, a breadcrumb trail showing the page hierarchy is displayed under the page title, for easily navigation.

Cross-references can be made between posts and pages at will, and these will show up in the list under the post or page content.

Edit summaries can be provided to both posts and pages, and these are listed in the revisions section under the content in both cases.


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