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Network installations of ALP allow administrators to specify additional upload media (also known as “MIME”) types. This lets users upload files not normally allowed by core WordPress.

A list of officially designated media types can be found on the IANA website.

Common academic media types

Here is a list of media types commonly used in academia in the format accepted by ALP. This list will be continually updated, and we welcome additions – please use the contact page.

py|pyx text/plain // Python scripts
m text/plain // MATLAB scripts
mat|fig application/x-matlab-data // MATLAB data and figures
mdl|slx application/zip // MATLAB Simulink model
svg image/svg+xml // SVG images; see note below.

SVG upload support

SVG upload support can be enabled by adding the appropriate entry above, but note that it presents a security risk. SVG images can contain embedded scripts, which, unfiltered, can run in the browsers of any user of your site who sees the images. Instead of adding the above entry, you may instead wish to install a plugin like Safe SVG, which filters SVGs to remove scripts when they are uploaded. Filtering of SVGs might be added to ALP at some point in the future, making the need for this extra plugin unnecessary.


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